A 12-weeks prototyping factory to go from idea to startup.
Thinking different is your default.
Hard challenges motivate you.
Getting shit done is what you do.
Great, we should talk.

Hi, I am René. And I just quit my rather comfortable job to launch Innovationsbude.

It's a prototyping factory constructed to do nothing but this: assemble a small team of people who are really good at what they do and are adventurous enough to invest12 weeks to consider one problem, come up with a solution and validate it.

If successful, we have a business case and will be founding a startup. Otherwise we had 12 weeks full of lean innovation experience.
I am looking for you to be part of the first moonshot project!

moonshot #1: Rethinking Advertisement.

Yes, ads. These things no one clicks on, looks at or recognizes anymore as we are all using ad blockers. It's inefficient. It does not work. It's a problem. And we are going to come up with a solution. By this we will help companies and startups worldwide to get new customers and scale their business. How? I have a few ideas involving insanely awesome design, real people, technology and a lot of growth hacking.

It's hard. I am not sure it can be done. And I am even less sure whether it can be a meaningful business. But let's try it anyway.

12 weeks. What do you have to lose? Let’s talk!
Here is what Innovationsbude will provide.

👉 An innovation room that will be our second home for 12 weeks and that has everything we need to be creative, have fun and get it done. Plus a Playstation. And a coffee machine.

👉 A network of experts and advisors to challenge us from the outside. All of them are hand selected cool people with some special gift. Some of them have successfully founded companies, some are among the Swiss economic "elite".

👉 12'000CHF of financing. Maybe we need to outsource some work or fly to Tokyo to talk to some people or whatever.

After 12 weeks we became a power team, validated whether our idea can work or not and are in an excellent position to get external funding or successfully apply to an Accelerator program of our choice.

Sounds exciting? Let's grab some🍸🍻 and talk about it.

Again, my name is René, and the last 4 years I've been doing data science innovation at a well-known Swiss newspaper. I recently founded moonshot zurich. Innovationsbude is its main project.

[email protected]
+41 76 244 73 79

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